Oh goodness mio. OKay grounding is one of those things na when you get into a lot of this esoteric new agey jazz is one of the vaguest things you can bloody tackle. Like what do you mean go down to earth??<< but all those feel good energies from heaven, and guides ?? and trippy binaural foghorns and mystical plants ??? WHAT DO YOU MEAN GROUNDING AND , COMING INTO YOUR BODY? My body hurts and is full of sufferinsgdafsag the mortal plane is bullshit and-


Ok yeah wait baby cakes.


I know when you’re awakening you come to a fundamental realization that you’re more than you’re body. THAT’S DAMN WONDERFUL. A+ TOTALLY SUPPORT. I LOVE YOU AMAZING.

BUT ALSO. evolution and divine perfection – thought that body up! Went through heaven and earth to give you a ferrari miracle meat sac, with super advanced antennas and cinnabar fields and you didn’t read the instruction manual.


Cinnabar – say what ?


You eat a banana it turns into a person. You drink a chocolate frappe latte starbucks and it turns into a person. You eat this disgusting mix of toyo suka and ketchup and DAMN it still fashions it into a person??? You’re like a walking miracle??? Want to find out how multiple intercultural ancient traditions maintained such a wonderful tool for your experience?


Yeah, thought so.


Grounding, ground, earth, dirt, this dense 3d plane, your mortal meat sac is of a dense reality so you have to turn your awareness INTO this dense reality and not those immortal planes. You gotta do a check up you know what I’m sayiing so this is your first peg:


1 BODY SCANS. (touch your body music~)

Okay so as above so below. You know how those chakra, and reflexology charts map your body with different aspects of life (root chakra – safety, your head – divine guidance) and you see it in literally every other new age blog post? It’s the hottest new quizzlet. YEAH WHAT’s the use of knowing it? If you’re so numb to your own body you don’t even know how to quantify where you’re hurting or where the blocks are in your flow?? You keep desensitizing yourself with coffee or overeating and mindless shows you can’t even do your own check up and need someone to be called ‘doctor’ to be qualified a doctor.


Yeah i said that.


So body scans, are body checkups. KNOW your body. Just lie down in bed and pretend your whole body has ears and just be like SUPER SENSES! ON! WHERE DOES IT HURT ?? why am I uncomfortable??? And you’ll realize oh wait I’m sitting wrong, or oh hey I’m having so much tension in my jaw. Let me just move a bit – oh hahahhh hey that’s better. And hell yeah, I’m telling you right now – that’s grounding. There’s a whole wealth of wisdom coming from this kind of listening, and just see my footnotes for a bunch of recs. And if i have to boil down my post that’s it listen to your body, but just to pique your interest further here’s a baby morsel to get you started.


MORSEL A: you’re an upright body that has a spine perfectly aligned to heaven and earth. Check out these drawings from mantak chia’s healign through the tao: coooooooool right? And you know how to align yourself to those avatar powers? You align your spine. And that sounds so medical and boring, but that’s YOUR MAIN CIRCUIT BOARD. Like dragon bone, kundalini stuff, spinal fluids being your highway to circulating your springs of youth. So how’s your spine? Stiff ? move around and jiggle! Kuba or crooked? do stretches like a cat! Keep your spine alive and you be doing good work baby. Why do you think they make you imagine roots growing from your tail bone huh ???





Identify a chronic ailment in your body, and make conscious steps to making your body more comfortable around it throughout the day for like 30 days. See if it checks out metaphysically and tell me more about it in the comments.


You can also send cool pictures of tree roots to inspire your next grounding vision journey. HAHA. or google cinnabar field and taosim, hehe


Ah love you baby, wherever you are




Check my live library for mantak chia

Body scans: ok basically athletes do a progressive contract release per body part for relaxation which is awesome for before sleep and youve got feldernkrais for some self corrective posture. You could have a formal physical therapist look you over, to bring attention to some of your physical blocks, and be very preventive medicine all over that hot bod, but know that you cant be dependent on these guys either. EDUCATE THYSELF.

your soul is welcome here

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