Energy Spots and Leylines in the Philippines (WIP 4EVER)

This is basically a bucketlist of mine.

You know how they’ve mapped out the chakra systems of the earth?

PHILIPPINES LITERALLY LOOKS LIKE A PERSON. I’m not that good at dowsing rods but I’m pretty sure we got some kind of every grid leylines something going on and I plan to map it out. I’m clairsentient and can verify the auras places have but not in the scale of city regions and country- you know what I’m saying?

Positive energy vortices tend to (predictably) gather our mountains and we’ve got sites of tragedies being just generally black holes.

Also katipunan road is a leyline? pati EDSA?or ginagago lang ako? I’m not senstive enough (yet) to verify claims so please



good juju:

mt makiling


traditional sacred spaces like church grounds or healing sites like padre pio


bad juju (stagnated):

mt. samat ??


Quiapo is a special mention as a place of magic but I don’t know exactly how to categorize this.



I saw this in a dream. People fully clothed dipping in a sunken , flooded basin, as large as several basketball courts. And walking in and out of it peacefully, like the way hindus do when they dip in sacred waters and walk around in temples. The next day I met sir bong in a dance class- he’s this full blown esoteric, huge ass aura, makes his own clothes from hemp fabric and seems to speak in poems and riddles. His presence was so healing and magical and one of the things he told me was to listen to my dreams. When I asked him if UP had any special energy spots (other than being the lungs of quezon city with all our trees) he said sunken garden. And I’m like THAT WAS the water/chi my dream images were taking a bath in! There’s also a lot of gossip around UP about sunken garden being an energy spot – so I’m giving this a confirmed status alright ?


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