what to do when you’re empath senses BREAK OPEN, and how to protect yourself

this is a really tricky discussion.

On one hand , in spiritual disciplines, extrasensory senses – is a gift since you will have a visceral sensation of a universal truth. Everything is connected, everything is one. Your awareness expands to include other people, things and nature and you will realize things that are beyond your narrow self.

But also. Don’t think your special. If anything, some psychic abilities are inherited from past lives, like momentum from past karma, and thinking you’re experience means you’re essentially better than anybody else’s is just a sad, damn ego TRIP.

some context:

i didn’t grow up thinking this was normal. my bestfriend grew up exorcisms and tongues of fire and poltergeists while i was in this rational secular science high school. When i had a visceral experience of all this, this blew my mind, my previous paradigms and i had to scramble with how to healthily deal with this. So all my tips here come from my experience of having to PANIC RESEARCH AND #FIGURE-THIS-SHIT-OUT.

so here’s some solid action steps that will get you to integrate this properly.



If you’re suddenly absorbing people’s emotions, getting pricks and sensations of auras, feeling things move out of the corner of your eye and you’re overwhelmed AF – SHIELD UP. !!!!. Imagine yourself in a white safe egg, an aura as wide 3 feet from your physical body, put mirrors around it let no other things enter. Imagine it being cloaked in divine flames that will transform and effed up energies to things that would empower you. Whatever you hold as divine, sacred, powerful archangel michael or divine universe sincerely implore and see in your heart and inner eye that they will wrap you in the most powerful protective cloak and bask in their strength.

I tell you this is a blessing, but you have the free will to do this at your own pace. If constricted spaces with stressed out people freaks you out, crowded places drain you – establish your sanctuary. Find a quiet safe place, lock the doors and  be patient with yourself. Calm yourself visualize the panic draining away from you. And when you are emptied, proceed with the next step.



honestly, when i first heard/met people with psychic powers i thought – wow you sound like a superhero what the hell are you complaining about ? oh famous last words. As much as you break open to new dimensions you will both be naked to the pain and suffering in people’s hearts as much as their good. Choose the latter.

Connect to trees, read about sacred spaces, enlightened beings, walk with bare feet. You are open to a wealth of infinite truth love and beauty. The baggage, the demons might sound entertaining, but even high angels cannot touch you without your express permission. You are a creator, the essence of pure invention – you can decide these things to be not in your experience. Quantum reality dictates that your perception molds your reality. Your demons would come out, but you decide if they would have any power. BE CLEAR WITH WHAT YOU WANT.

sit inside your power and be aware of the narrative you have for yourself ‘oh poor me, im so sensitive the world is cruel.’. WAKE UP. The skies and the stars in this infinite dance of conscious reality, focus on the changes you want to experience and don’t paint yourself a victim.

breathe. are you ready for the next step?



this is tricky.

this is super mega tricky and i need you to read this as carefully as you can possibly can because this is a big ass lesson for me but this will fucking free you when you are ready.

don’t save anybody.

ever heard of karma ? the golden rule ? do unto others as they do unto you ? If you treat people like they need saving – what does that say about you ? that you seem them as weak, helpless, as disempowered, as lost causes and you MUST do something. How do you think universe would treat you in reply ? it will send you more lost causes, and hopelessness, and this healer saviour trope is just going to feed your ego and make you feel important and you will feel EXHAUSTED.




This is called the saviour-victim-perpetrator triangle and it is self perpetuating. please realize that the divine intelligence of the universe is bring the perfect situation, experience and lessons to each and every soul – and if you think you can do better than that, then you are severely mistaken.

Each person is a master creator of their own life experience – and understand that their pain and suffering is beyond wise. I know this is hard to accept at first – but life is a teacher. There’s a rumi poem that goes that bless those who are beaten by the master. You swallowed a snake in the middle of the night unconsciously, and the master in his divine intelligence, forced you to eat and beat you up so you could vomit it. If he told you, explained to you the beast in your belly, you would have been lost in blind panic and never have vomitted out that snake. You would have run away.

If you take away other’s people pain, with the temptations of energy manipulation – you are robbing them of their powerful lessons. You will make them dependent. You are not centering in your own power being obsessed with other people’s pain. they are wise, trust them.



Now this is easy, when the news is far away in some war in a foreign land.

Still manageable when it’s a stranger and you see their karma moving around, seeing how their manifestations are things they asked for and working to understand.

Universe will be challenging you EXTRA LOADS, when the people you love and are closest to you are crying in their own psychological weight and pain, and asking you to please just lighten their load. 


what a lesson.


don’t save them. show them how to save themselves.

slap them. remind them how to tap into their inner power, their passions the grand spirit of life that exists surely within them. Help them drain and parse their belief systems. BUT NEVER FIX IT FOR THEM. Reflect back their own questions. Make them doubt it- make them write themselves into their own redemption stories and respect their free will, whatever their decisions will be. believe in them. THEIR POWER WILL FLOWER.





bonus story: as extra food for thought.

I work in an NGO, charity. and i have seen this play out in the language and mental constructs of ‘grantors’ and beneficiaries. i have seen the wealth and spirit of the materialistically poor. the very method you interface with them is exactly what fuels their insecurity, their smallness and their internalized shame. I see all these rich people from europe, insist on helping people in a way that completely disenfranchises their way of life, their agency and imposes a story that only feeds their need to feel important, a donor, a saviour. yes, it happens until now. it’s very subtle. so move in awareness.



BE CAREFUL WITH HOW YOU HELP. MOVE WITH A HIGHER PERCEPTION, KNOWING that they have divine perfection that all will work out in perfection.


good job baby. you’re okay, it’s okay babe you’re fine.

you’ll be super phenomenal wonderful at this, i love you damn. See you in the comments,


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