Why millenials should spend time with Ancient people; alternatively- what i learned from my lola

Hello young ones, or young at heart! Ever had a bitchy day and you just had to rant your stress away to helpful, kind and patient ear ? YEah, I get that a lot, I happen to bestfriends with my grandmother and we let each other bitch about each other’s day to gain more perspective. [...]

How to use the FORCES OF HATRED to charge your potato clock/ use the power of the DARK FORCE; /and how to git gud @Shadow Work

Welcome young sith lord, tom riddle, apprentice of the dark arts. I hope you find yourself comfortable. Did you bring with you your dark ball of energy? Are you serious about comitting to the path of the scorpio and unmasking the ugliest parts of yourself? Yes. Excellent . Good. This will be a delicate and [...]

Suggestions for my future Self: 10.0 rituals that will make Life better.

You my dear heart has always been a well-spring of ideas. Today, this day of Spring, I store them in a box for you. For a cold winter day, when your soul feels lost at night. Pick a number, any number, and with a degree of faith read and do whatever feels right. You were [...]

The metaphysical meaning of menstrual pain

In our day and age it is common to hear about women complaining about dysmenorrhea, fertility problems, endometriosis, PCOS, and PMS. It's some sort of cosmic joke that women are gonna bitch about, this, are gonna be moody about this and are going to demand dark chocolate. I am one who will never decline dark [...]

How to do CRAZY healing while dancing

STEP 1: please do not care. Throw dat expectation out of the window.  Please do not give a shit about how spiritual exorcising your inner madonna and angst hoe is gonna be. Just, there is no place for that, today you’re just gonna be crazy.   STEP 2: pick which dancing monkey, resonates the most [...]

3 QUICK Ideas to find more FEELS to be grateful for!

  1. Explain your favorite song as if to someone who's never heard it before, explain how it saved you , its favorite instrument, what you see when you imagine this one song in your head 2. Explain your favorite person to me, just top of mind. Explain the one thing they did for you [...]

Things I learned growing up in a military family

Imagine a mix of the Godfather an those old 60s movies of father figures the are almost caricatured to not feel. That’s my gradfather, retired three star general of the Philippine army. Former customs comissioner, also has done some shady things. His brother, retired cheif of Police. My maternal grandfather, lieutenant who walked the death [...]

Do you remember the time before INTERNET ? You‘re on it now – can you be grateful for it….?

STORY TIME!   I was once a tiny little girl. Who liked anime, (japanese cartoons) and drawing and art. Me and my friends used to always just talk about the latest episode of this and that during lunch break. We‘d go UUUUAAAAHHH!!! THAT SCENE AND HE DID THAT YEEEAAAHHHH AND THE YKNOW  UHHHuh IT WAS [...]

What do you want people to fall in love with you for ?

A real question. A sincere question. An interesting playgound for people who are jaded about self-love —but are still bought into the existence of romance. How about let’s try to write a love story? how they fall in love with -YOU the realest, strongest, and most wildest parts of you. You better put aside an [...]