Ever realized you had false memories ? What does that say about our reality ?

Ever got into an argument with your mom about a childhood memory ? Wether it happened or not ? Was it just a really vivid dream, or a story you made up for yourself because you went through childhood photos? — Did you believe it because the story that was logical or because it was [...]

To who do you REALLY study for ?a question to all students and learners

Hello! To all those who are studying in school or those out of it, who take and see life as a life long learning-- Oh boy don't I have a question for you. It's really simple but really cuts to the core of your actions : to who do you really study for ? For [...]

Theater Arts DAY1 @ PETA

This will be a 12-part online notes / reflection series of the theater arts classes I'm taking with Philippine Educational Theater Association; which is not only one of the premier theater acts in our country (and the world), but also people I've personally admired for years. I paid good money for this and I want [...]

Me and my 10,000 side projects; how to accept and integrate yourself when you have Too Many Passions and INTERESTS

Do you feel very strongly about multiple things ? Are you struggling with devoting time and commitment to each one, and left with NO TIME and MORE STRESS ? Do you have a hard time with long term planning because you have this FEAR OF MISSING OUT (aka FOMO) and also huge pits of regret [...]

7 of swords, creativity and confessing to my best friend– what karmic healing has been like…

I had a lesson that was sent to me by a dream once, by a fox or the raven. The trickster or the native american god who stole fire for humans. It was an RPG game and I was half of a team of two magicians scaling a snow peak. It was a race. And [...]

The Big thing that changed everything in my 2017

It's no longer January but it's never too late to review and appreciate you learned from the past. Time, for the most part, is illusory and the things that happened during '2017' can seem both distant and just yesterday all at the same time. I just celebrated my birthday and I realized how so many [...]

Super EASY way to rethink your relationship with your EGO

What’s the EGO? Do you really understand it? You’ve got esoteric texts asking you to kill it, discard it, for enlightenment. Trying to negotiate with it, or create it before you get that level of woke. Creating a sense of Self that’s healthy but at the same time “You’re so Egotistical” is a flat out [...]

How to analyze your BREAKUPS and TRAINWRECKS, belief systems – for noobs

Hello, I'm Maalia, and my best friend, my brother has been going through shitty times. His longterm girlfriend who he thought was gonna marry, cheated on him. And his rebound was this hot, low-key celebrity who happened to be self-destructive and did cocaine. Every time he felt like shit, he would talk to me until [...]


OK. SO. We're constantly surrounded by media and the previous momentum of our habitual thoughts. all of them disempowering unappreciative, maybe shallow and crass. SO Let's get to deprograming this shit and have a swell of a time. Happiness ? appreciation? gratitude, these are muscles, or well oiled/paved neural networks in your brain and YOU [...]