What to do if you’re hearing voices in your head

This is for everyone who was diagnosed with auditory hallucinations and psychotic disorders. Anyone who has been medically labelled or shamed in being different. Here I offer you a different perspective on what you may be experiencing, one that has the existence of spirit tied into it. let's begin.   -- I had a theater [...]

Fun! Cheap, DIY Psycho-therapy

Hi! To regular readers of my blog, sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been writing reiki articles for reikirays.com and I can't publish the stuff I'm writing over there until they've posted it. I'll publish those articles over here too, when I can.   To new people: hi there! I'm in no way [...]

Absolutely free amazing things that noone seems to be availing of – papa universe

the sunset. I give you a mother fuckiung sunrise and sunset every time but you never even look at it. Clouds are nice as hell. how much time are you staring at clouds ?   i worked hard on those. deep relaxing breaths. I gave you gaddamn lungs right? You could ease up you neck [...]