Special Collection

THIS IS GODTIER SPECIAL COLLECTION! Short summary plus reviews on the books that have helped my grow. I basically just spazz out and bless you with the links and hope you find a friend in them.

Send me your friends/recs too down in the comments! Fleshing out what you got to them is just as much as part of the process especially if you’re doing a retrospect



Quantum touch – – my first encounter with healing hands, western non denominational approach

Mantak Chia Series. – – daoist approach, mantak is a qigong+martial arts master. Really practical exercises and good intro to traditional chinese medicine system. integrate concepts of yin and yang, chi, elements and human anatomy. READ THE FIRST TWO BOOKS FOR SURE. PLEASE. It’s a Healing hands ref, also increase overall chi, and open your damn heart chakra with macrocosmic orbit. This is good comparative reading with hindu yogic chakra systems and tantra.



  • Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh – if you grew up catholic or have questions about religion+ spirituality. this is the book for you. god didn’t stop talking to us since new testament. Here’s a guy from the 60s bring up our current questions, and seriously clear and great answers from god himself. READ AT YOUR OWN PACE. but pls pls pls, finish the trilogy, it will blow your mind.
  • the zen guy I read – Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment – really cuts through a lot of new age bullshit. enlightened being in a modern context.
  • New earth – eckhart tolle. literal classic. some of the esoteric language weirds people out, but the guy is legit. enlightened being in a modern context.
  • Deepak Chopra –  Doctor who got into quantum stuff. He has some highflying language for our beingness but can absolutely hold his ground for scientific proof, and philosophical arguments, integrates quantum mechanics too great for people who have a lot of intellectual constructs to tackle.
  •  Ken wilber – theory of everything . Very good synthesis of a lot of esoteric paradigms, as recommended by Paul Chek.
  • osho’s orange book. – meditation primer from the legend himself. Also some useful question and answer format similiar to sadghuru.
  • micahel newton’s – The journey of souls past life regressionist inquires his patients about the afterlife, REALLY Scientific approach in inquiry SMACKS your perspective to what we came here as souls to learn
  • zingdad’s ascension papers – similiar format to conversations with god, channeled work and actually talks about similiar concepts to the trilogy- but what really struck me here was the victim-perpetrator-savior triangle and owning up to being a creator
  • simple shamanism .pdf great visualization guides, as a shaman I adore this.
  • thin Nath chin’s True love – on awakening the heart, good intro text
  • modernawakenings.com – LIVING BREATHING ENLIGHTENED PERSON who’s legit af and american and just amazing. she recently moved to amarastrand.com She is the single most important source of learning for me recently. She delineates the difference of healing the personality (ego) vs being enlightened. It’s different work, don’t confuse it. A lot of people chase the latter when what they’re looking for was the former. I cannot recommend her enough. Currently engaged in her peerless series and would blog about it more when I’ve truly worked with the material.



  • paulo coelho – the alchemist . speaking to your heart, the universe. His blog is pretty good too.
  • the secret garden – cute kids healing themselves by gardening. food for the soul.



Rumi’s book of love – beautiful. as you advance n your experience this will slowly start to make more sense.

currently reading another book of his from the same translator will talk more..

the prophet – Kahlil gibran EXCELLENT


Various links:

awakenedvibrations.tumblr.com.  – lengthy newage articles, some meditation,visulaization,and karmic suggestions…

Reikidoc angel codes– WHEN YOU HAVE AH EART OPENING.USE THIS.USEEE THIS. ITS MAGIC. F*cking Gaia and archangel michael stupid proof healing for everything. I use 54 53 11 for overall chakra balance all. the. time. writing all of these out on a spare to keep reusing isn’t as powerful as writing it live but its still hella effective


– *use with anthakaranas  for super boost on effectivity (tape it!)

-* use the seraphim logo too (link) if you’re attuned to seraphim blueprint.


Intuitive tools:


visionary iching deck – great app! 

ruby slippers astrology – But recently planetary affects aren’t a big deal to me ?? I’ve moved onto astrobutterfly here on wordpress 

Diamond dowsing http://mariediamonddowsing.com – good leylines crashcourse



  • Bashar
    • Channeled messages, difficult to accept method i know, but the message is consistent with everything else, very sci-fi and technical language the “physics” of law of attraction. the perspective of a literal alien, gives a good construct on your own life.
  • Abraham hicks
    •   Channeled messages, same format as bashar actually canonically consistent with him, has more videos online and combs out guests problems in hot seats to see to the heart of their belief systems— law of attraction featured siya , one of the best things I learned from her is that within the desire arising you already means that what you want can already come to be ??? Anggaling GV pati
  • Sadghuru
    • all of his videos. Literally. Hindu perspective, REAL yoga, legit enlightened person, typically a QnA format. if you watch his stuff high, or like when your spirit is mega “on” you’ll learn so much i swear!!
    • Special place in my heart is: dancer the dance…
    • Shiva flensing out his parents, that you are a complete life
  • Tony Robbins
    • new years resolution vid – MUST WATCH
    • Netflix special – see tony at work
    • 9/11 healing – uses NLP, and magician/lover/sovereign/warrior archetype
    • not outright esoteric/spirit but he really grounds all these concepts of spiritual freedom and creation to practical strategies for managing your emotions, focusing your time and motivations, and goal setting. how to reframe problems as questions. BRILLIANT. SUPER EFFECTIVE AND USEFUL. he does nlp, intuitive stuff and thoughts = things.
  • Infinite waters – vlogger on new age stuff, like decalcifying your pineal gland and lucid dreaming. fun aesthetics and mood, he’s a great guy. check his top vids and explore what interests you, medyo fluffffffyy
  • Spirit Science – good primer on new age via cartoon named patch. this is pretty popular and easy to watch. if i had to rec, alternate world history is THE must to watch in their catalog.
  • Paul Chek – holistic healthcare professional. his existence is the proof of his work, inspiring bod and has his own institute. vids don’t feel to youtube but are from someone who is very respected in both traditional medicine and also a shaman. he really emphasizes how people need to center themselves in their dream, and listen to their body. i trust everything he talks about and a lot of stuff i picked up from say shamanic practices and intuitive meditations, I’ve first heard from him before others.
    • Ido portal – watch this guy move! Highly integrated
    • Elliot Hulse – power lifter turned hippie. though most of his audiencee are the alpha gym rats, his tone is perfect, raw and very honest with his viewers. Interesting to watch him grow through the years. need a Hugh guy to yell at you? thats elliiot. his idol is Paul chek.
  • free online angel attunements. if you’re into that.



Consider this a bucket list of super relaxing shit to try

  • AMSR on youtube
  • Self massage, foot reflexology on youtube
  • Marijuana **warning its a teacher not a crutch. talk about how ayahuasca DMT used in history and whats its supposed to teach you and what you can learn nowadays in modern day
  • Acupuncture
  • Trypnaural beats – one of the first meditation tracks I’ve ever done
  • salt baths
  • sound baths
  • live guided meditations try all of them! the presence of a teacher to hold a vibe seriously helps


this is as of nov 26,2018

If I could only recommend one I would recommend Amarastrand.com





til next time sweetheart!