Hi I’m maria, and I can move and shape energy.

It doesn’t make me “special” or “super spiritual”, it’s just as much as a heart surgeon is ”special” at fixing blocked arteries. There’s physics to it, there’s a logic to this. Everything and everyone is energy and space has memory. The body has memory.

Figure how to move and shape energy, and you can help peole who have a lot of bad energy in their system. Give them an energetic scrub down from higher powers (reiki, angels, you name it ) – and they can have a breath of fresh air.


Body energy clean-up —

Space energy clean-up —-


Whichever you avail, I’ll be requiring you to divulge as much as you’re comfortable with what we’re trying to move and responding to it. I did not ask because I like gossip, but because I don’t want the stagnant energy to recur – read – I don’t want you to come running to me again. I want to help you SEE the pattern that cause the trouble, and give you a fighting chance to never let it be in your space again.


Most of our problems have both an energetic, and very practical aspect to it. Sometimes you need an energetic scrub down, but please don’t regard the Insight! I’ll provide both if you avail any of the services.


What you’ll get:

Body clean-up –
– A 15-20 minute guided meditation, specifically designed to release, resolve and move forward with a situation you have described. I will be channeling Reiki and Seraphim (Highest order of Angels) in these to help energetically grease the situation, but also grasp the techniques I’ll be prescribing for you as this will help you Stay in good energy, and not just looking for a vibrational high.
– A breif write-up , summary that you can read. Extra advice, if I’m guided by spirit to do so. I can access higher selves and spirit guides, but let me remind you that you have access to them all the time. I will reiterate what is pertinent to the issue you sent me and I might ask you to elaborate on your situation first, before sending your file.
This is worth 30usd.
– drink water after doing the energetic exercises
– don’t get attached to the relief, grasp the truth of the situation and hit the ground running with it.
– fair warning: major energy clean ups ripple out to the rest of your life, collapsing old stagnant structures you may still be attached to or identify with. Wanting to clean-up energy means change, be ready for it. Embrace it.
**I use shamanic journeys, tarot, iching and mostly my humanity to sharpen the insight I’m offering. I’ll send screencaps of the cards/images if I see it as necessary.
Also, I would be honored to work with you, and I commend you for whatever descision you make to move forward. If you don’t know what to ask about, just zoom in to that one major thing that causes the most Drama, we could work on that.
What I need for you to avail:
– what you can disclose about the situation, your trust sent to
– 30usd deposit to the same email


Space energy clean-up

– based on photos and plans you sent it, i’ll write a diagnosis of stagnant, and stressed energies and the most practical ways to move them. For example, I may advice you to air out specific cabinets with entities in them, or to place pictures or more color in energetic dead ends. I may also prescribe energetic symbols to be printed and taped in areas that require a lot of release.

– if the space is largely unoccupied I will prescribe symbols to be positioned on the floor, to keep the chi/qi/energy moving and prevent stagnancy.

– the space will be energetically boosted on my end, with channeled reiki and Seraphim (highest order of angels) energies that will clear and cleanse your space. I’m also attuned to a special level of seraphim channeling that can program energetic grids in physical spaces that are designed to be conducive to specific tasks. Such as rest, focus, connection. I will weave this into the fabric of your space as you described it.



– Spaces tend to me shared. A lot of the debris in our energetic landscape can be very much not ours, so I acknowledge the need to clean up that spatial memory.

– But in the case that the space is very special to you, and that the problems it presented are very much reflections of what you are going through – I will be sending a 5 minute guided meditation to help you work through that. To give you the specific tools to address what manifested. This is not always applicable, but do indicate if you feel like it is, and you want to dive into it.

– Physically clean the space before asking me to do this. Sweep the floors, wipe everything down, let air circulate from open windows. Remove curtains and let the light of day penetrate, for a solid few days.


Warning !

– I’ve had cases when so much bad energy has moved that some lights momentarily don’t work or fights euprt between family members before settling into a new and more energetically peaceful norm. Things can get worse before they get better. This is like a drug withdrawal – our bodies became so accustomed to the mental-emotional trash in the air that we crave it before going clean. It’s always better to forwarn the people living in the space, that you’re having someone energetically clear/bless/shaman-pimp-my-house thing. Consent for places people occupy dearly can be important especially if the places are very lived in and comforting to them.

– You see, I remember how mad my brother gets when I clean his room too much. He says it’s to light and airy, and how did it get bigger ?? He has anger issues and wants his cave back. Just think of it that way, if we’re doing an overhaul, tell them.


Energy clearing/reboot

— 20usd / 20sqm / that’s the average room size

— basic reboot of a space. Think of it as clearing out the cache on your computer to give you more space. Also for rooms that aren’t really so much of a problem, but could be better.

Space Energy Overhaul

—- 40 usd / 20 sqm

— this is a clearing that will span for more than one day, I will be channeling consicously and delivering instructions for 3 days. It might be spread out into a week. Recommended for really dark and difficult rooms. I will most probably communicate with fragments or entities to help things move forward. Someone’s got to do it right ?it’s not scary but more complicated work, so higher price point.


What I need:

– photos of the place, floor plan too. You can sketch the layout if you don’t have a copy of the plans. I’m an architecture undergrad which makes plans more fun for me, so pls have/sketch them

– what you can disclose about the situation. What made you think something was energetically up, all sent to

– how you intend the use of the space after the clearing/overhaul

– payment for the total sqm and service type you’ll be availing sent to the paypal too.


PS If you’re wondering what bumby is that’s just a cute kiddie nickname.

shoot me any more questions or leave a comment and let’s see if I can help you out.







your soul is welcome here

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