Work with Me

Reopening Readings!

I do..

20 minute – 16usd/800php
30 minute – 20usd/1000php
45 minute – 30 usd/1500php readings

It’s 5usd/250php per 10 minute extension of agreed time.
Email if you want and settle through paypal.

Time starts when I start drawing cards so give and take 10 minutes of us chatting first about the situation, treat me like a neutral ear about this thing that’s coming up for you.

I’d describe my approach as honest, reflective and direct to the point. People who have gotten readings from me say na nakakatawa rin daw ako. (I’m funny??) HAHAHA. I usually use another deck I made which are mismatched cards from different decks that are both finished an unfinished.

I’ve also done consultations for rooms that feel weird, or physical ailments that can’t have a logical explanation. Usually those are spiritual or energetic, I could check for you and I’ll send healing. Sometimes I don’t even need to draw cards to figure out what’s happening? But card formats are familiar to people so why not.

Regular readings also have healings, reiki and seraphim(angel) and my personal shamanic mix. So yea, message for inquiries and schedule. We can do chat online, or meet-up in Philippines, QC. Would be honored to work with you.


2 thoughts on “Work with Me

  1. I am interested in introducing Falun Dafa to the Philippines, but I’d like to kick it off w/ something a little more dramatic, like a dowsing demonstration. So if you have some contact w/ dowsers in the Cebu City area (or out in the boonies, I’m in Bogo City), please send them my way. Very attractive website!


your soul is welcome here

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