Wanwu’s assistant is an undergraduate in architecture, clairsentient and loves setting up energetic grids. She is attuned to angelic seraphim energies that can set up energy grids in rooms and spaces to assure it has the best health and healthy qi.

Send a photo of the room and/or floorplan of the building/house. The house will be dowsed for energetically stuck areas and be cleared of sick energies and cleansed afterwards. This is just as effective even if the energy worker is not physically present.

*For spaces not enclosed in walls, quartz crystals is required to be buried in each corner of the lot. Photos of each corner will be required as well as a photo of the stones before burying. Bury the stones before sending the email and the energy grids will be set up accordingly.



The grids can be programmed the following ways to assist the intentions of the people living in these spaces. These follow the usual energetic chakra colors.

WHITE – general healing and protection, good for bedrooms

BLACK – grounding, good for high EMF areas and busy places

RED – activity and business, good for shops

ORANGE – creativity and pleasure, good for leisure areas like bars

YELLOW – willpower, also good for dining areas to aid digestion

PINK – restfulness and love

GREEN – healing of the heart, promotes connection

BLUE – communication areas like work stations, and home offices

VIOLET – intuition and spiritual practice, meditation areas and altar rooms

Wanwu will assist and channel the best way to program and cleanse your areas. Mundane actions such as airing out a room and clearing of it from clutter is highly recommended to better ground the new energies.




Please be honest about any ghost sightings, deaths and traumatic events that have happened in the area to be assisted. This will help better prepare the energy worker. Depending on the gravity of the energy, wanwu may request steps be done by the space owner such as printing symbols to be placed on the floor or advising to buy certain crystals to be placed in certain corners. For situations like these, wanwu may quote a higher price to energetically match the energy you are asking to move.

Note that the universe listens to your energy and that a higher payment doesn’t only help wanwu, it also helps you. As it signifies in your reality your willingness for change and for energies to move on.

Changing the energy of a room greatly affects the people living there so PLEASE GET CONSENT. Explain it as an energy clearing or a blessing. When bad energy is still exiting situations may momentarily get worse before it gets better. I’ve had cases of some lights malfunctioning and some fights reigniting before a new level of calm and mutual understanding is achieved in the household. See this as an opportunity for things to be better or don’t avail of the service.




If you would like to send personalized intentions from archangels and power places you feel very connected to by all means do so. I won’t bite in the emails. I can send special prices if we’ll be doing multiple rooms. I accept payment through paypal.