Wanwu is 10,000 things, a barn owl, the infinite. This is his assistant tweeting old knowledge.

I’m writing in the plain language I wish I read , back when I first started reading his books.

Other than being wanwu’s assistant, I’m a 22 year old filipina, aries,  with interests ranging from dance to esoterica- WANWU IS BUSY BIRD. so I gotta keep it short and relatable with helpful links and leading questions to promote your own seeking 😉


see in you in the comments!


Cool posts to start out with:

A practical way to increase your intution, especially if you’re an artist

how to TALK TO REALLY MAD PARENTS (aka my saradong christianong mom finding my tarot cards and how to convincingly say sorry)

GET your spiritguide to talk to you via SPOTIFY