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Wanwu means 10,000 things, the infinite.


Back in feb 2016 I had a series of vivid dreams that felt more Real than this reality. I had a visceral experience of it rather just a rational knowledge of it. Traditionally called a kundalini rise or whatnot. For two months after, I experienced etheric rain whereever I went, and healing capabilities. I got into reiki, seraphim, shamanism, meditation etc. after all of that. I feel rain and spirit all the time now, it’s a charmed life.

I’m still interested in the things that I was interested in, like art and dance. But more than anything I want to share and sort my various realization and interests as an aries, and as a HUMAN BEAN. I’ve dropped so much psycho-mental-shit storms, and I’m still unravelling parts of my persona and revealing the truth of my being. It’s work, and it’s worth it.


These are my field notes. Perfect and imperfect. I hope for is you find something here, that could change your perspective or maybe find solace with.

Caveat: If I seem inconsistent in terms of tonality and perspectives in my writing, it’s a reflection of how I myself am growing and changing everyday. I keep contradicting posts on my blog not only because I think both are valid to different persons but I think it also displays the paradox of living – yeah ?


SERVICES!! body and space energy clearing



mystical stuff:

How to go on a vision journey, and get answers from other realms

How to change the Past. Jump timelines and realities

How to talk to your spirit guides/ angels even when YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN THEM


self-awareness, new perspective stuff:

How to logically accept/expect Miracles and challenge your Impossible

What to do when you’re better at one part of your life more than others

Self awareness lesson : WHY DO YOU #crush and why ?


HELP IM PANICKING!!! #awakening you’re suddenly psychic stuff:

how to TALK TO REALLY MAD PARENTS (aka my saradong christianong mom finding my tarot cards and how to convincingly say sorry)

what to do when you’re empath senses BREAK OPEN, and how to protect yourself

water drops out of nowhere — how to understand sensations????? for the beginner clairsentient


Ideas, darling:

your mantra for today: today. is day One.

3 QUICK Ideas to find more FEELS to be grateful for!

What do you want people to fall in love with you for ?


and oh hey look at me rant about my personal life with a spiritual bend:

What you want is closer than you think : 3 REAL LIFE EXAMPLES

how partner dance is a way to awakening

Confessions from an NGO worker (who actually lived and grew up in a developing country)