Prescribing complementary healing methods

Reiki can help with a lot of things. But have you ever had a client that asked these questions: Will reiki heal of my blocks for abundance? Will reiki get me my soulmate? My twin flame? Will reiki make me successful? Can it finally make me fulfilled? Will reiki fix my depression? My Anxiety? All [...]

It’s become quiet in my head

An observation.   Ever since I've meditated I've figured out how to make the narrative part of my head shut up when I want it to. When yogis say - you are not the mind. I kinda get it, because there has been legit a day when I went through the motions of my day [...]


This was my first time i read the cards for someone else other than me. It was past midnight, we were in Quirino, a region the far flung northern mountains of Luzon, for my folk dance and music group's performance tour, and with the lead of one of our oldest tour members - we were [...]