How to completely REINVENT yourself by losing yourself for a single day.

Are you stuck in your same old routine ? Is your life boring, plain and lifeless ? MAYBE. NO, YEAH??? Not exactly. Self-knowing, and self-consciousnees discovery seems so woo woo heady. I too, cannot roll on a yoga mat, though it does looks nice to sleep in. I have a suggestion. Why don’t we all just [...]

How to use the FORCES OF HATRED to charge your potato clock/ use the power of the DARK FORCE; /and how to git gud @Shadow Work

Welcome young sith lord, tom riddle, apprentice of the dark arts. I hope you find yourself comfortable. Did you bring with you your dark ball of energy? Are you serious about comitting to the path of the scorpio and unmasking the ugliest parts of yourself? Yes. Excellent . Good. This will be a delicate and [...]