“Enlightenment is different from a healed personality”

Okay this is a real thing to chew on. If you haven't read amarastrand.com what the hell are you doing please go on over there and just consume and stare slack jawed at everything she writes and woven into her writing. Just please allow her perspective to transform you as she's transformed mine. But just [...]

When you realize your enemies aren’t real, none of it is real

A story. That I'm still coming into grips with so pardon me if it's not so organized. A month ago I realized one of my greatest enemies, on the biggest long standing story/narrative I have about my struggles and woes turned out to be not true. A complete 360 like that sufi poem of how.. [...]

Theater Arts DAY1 @ PETA

This will be a 12-part online notes / reflection series of the theater arts classes I'm taking with Philippine Educational Theater Association; which is not only one of the premier theater acts in our country (and the world), but also people I've personally admired for years. I paid good money for this and I want [...]

7 of swords, creativity and confessing to my best friend– what karmic healing has been like…

I had a lesson that was sent to me by a dream once, by a fox or the raven. The trickster or the native american god who stole fire for humans. It was an RPG game and I was half of a team of two magicians scaling a snow peak. It was a race. And [...]

What blogging means to me

  It’s weird that I’m born in a generation that never really saw blogging as a social platform (being inundated by youtube, facebook, instagram etc.) but somehow still saw the allure of blogging and the written word. (I’m 23 years old from the philippines, whatever generation that applies to)   You see in school, they [...]

The Big thing that changed everything in my 2017

It's no longer January but it's never too late to review and appreciate you learned from the past. Time, for the most part, is illusory and the things that happened during '2017' can seem both distant and just yesterday all at the same time. I just celebrated my birthday and I realized how so many [...]

A job application to the universe: to become a lover

Dear me It’s still march 26 and i just finished watching call me by your name. And i wonder where i got this thirst for the written word, this engaged creativity of making masterful co-creation ? with an author and his characters ? i saw felt and breathed Elio falling in love. Turning a city [...]