Unlock the Artist Within (series/service)


I’m M, and I see people glow when they Sing. And not just any vapid singing, I see it when they sing from the core and very essence of their talent, when they’re rooted in their beingness, truth, self-acceptance and experience.

It’s a very beautiful experience, I think it’s why I’m entranced with artists. I see something of a similiar effect with other artistic mediums, and ofcourse even at other times that people don’t make “art, art”. (But when is life not art really?)

Artists for me, make spirit Move.

a truth I’ve seen in a friend

A story.

When I browse through instagram or facebook I can’t help but get a quick feel or read of a person. Empath/psychic whichever you prefer, I’ve lived with this for too long to deny it.

And. I have this one photographer friend.

Who I kept seeing words over his photographs. When my brother asked me – do you think X is good as a photographer? In terms of technique, well obviously, he’s a professional he’s great. But soul-wise, there’s something missing. If you dedicate your life hiking up mountains in the dead of the night, recording stars streaking the sky — you must be in love. It must leak in the enthusiasm of your photography and even in your sharing.

He was, stating the gear he used on his posts, and it leaked into the quality of his work. Dry and …Technical, as if he was choking? ashamed to profess his love about being and witnessing Nature.

This bothered me, for a while.

I kept seeing his photographs leaping with words. Leaking with poetry. One day a part of me just snapped and chat him out of the blue. Hey! Have you ever done free-verse poetry over your time-lapse photography.

And he says, no but he’s done spoken word over a few of his edited videos.

He sent me one, it about time, it felt. Monumental, personal, but was also trying too hard. I looked up his natal chart in astrology , he’s a sun in gemini and his chart points to a lot of adventure and expression. Makes sense, but…

It still bothered me like gunk stuck in your teeth, for literal days I couldn’t help it. I looked for his older material on his youtube channel. About 4 years ago, an earlier work, on traveling.


This one. This one rang with his Soul.

It personally felt like a eureka moment for me. THIS WAS WHAT I WAS SEEING. I had to kind of scream at him over chat, because I’m like – SO YOU CAN SPEAK FROM YOUR HEART PALA. Why don’t you write like this all the time?? How could you hide this magnificence?

At one point I didn’t know if I got through to him with my expletives and praise and I just went straight to full on:

..it’s realllllllllly good. It’s the kind of thing that I kind of need to slap people into saying that this is what it looks like when people are really Real and when they’re truly embodying their gifts to the world. It’s priceless, irresistible, potent and it just rings across the board. Every word pithy both refined and raw and I’m REALLY REALLLLLLY HAPPY I watched it this morning…

a literal thing I’ve said via chat

TO BE HONEST, I WAS MORE MAD THAN ANYTHING. It was damn righteous indignation. Because to deny yourself the very expression of your truth your life, your love IS A GODDAMN SHAME.

It’s like butchering a miraculous fawn. YOU JUST DON’T DO THAT.

You can’t chop up your superpower and frankenstein it into other forms, in hopes of being accepted by the world or other people. Ferraris don’t work that way! You don’t bring it in a chop shop and fuck with the design- IT WON’T RUN.

YOU CAN’T doubt the very tap of your wisdom, energy and divinity. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, please heart do not ever waver from your being. LIVE.

Because Heart, your beauty brings —me to tears.

Don’t deny me the fucking blessing of seeing you fully you radiant, real, all powerful and full fervor. I can’t! live your life for you. BUT I CAN, be fully who I am and if that’s the only thing I could offer–

To you who is a True gift to this world.

Then what a bargain. You see heart, understand, if for others than I am brave. If this courage and experience I can possibly gift to others –then I will be capable of Anything.

I can fall forward. I will become.

I’ll stick my life out for a limb for this,

I would like to help people, express the beauty of Who they are. I want to wave laserbeams and headlights when I see you sparkling and glowing with your truth. Sometimes, I swear to god, I’d be observing our musical theater class and I could count off the people who were aligned with their truth when they perform. And I’m not even a trained singer.

  • this one’s bored, she doesn’t know who she’s really performing for yet, and why she’s doing it. she needs to answer that.
  • this one’s using singing to be accepted and attractive and it reeks. she needs to discover Real beauty to move people on a deeper level
  • oh, this one. THIS ONE. magnetic, beautiful. haunting, precious. Aligned with her truth. very very good sweetheart.

I would like to shamelessly ask if i could this for you.

Send me 20usd, a link to your portfolio, and your birthday so I could look at your natal chart, and I’ll list off all the times in your work that you were glowing with who you’re really about and what you were sent here as a DAMN GORGEOUS SOUL FOR.

A friend of mine says, we’re often blind to our own light.

X, the photographer, said thankyou. but also thankyou for telling me.

“because as one of the books I read said, sometimes we don’t really know what we’ve got (until someone else brings it to our attention)” “this is valuable to me”

I WANT to do this for more people. PLEASE, be part of my dream of letting me be this for other people. I love seeing people realize and come home to the truth of their art and who they are and can I just love you? A perfect stranger?

Technicals : pay thru paypal and send emails at mariabumby@yahoo.com

And if my own journey as artist is of any help with other people too, well here they are then:

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See you around,