Daily Journal Prompts that Reflect on the Reiki Principles

Daily Journal Prompts that Reflect on the Reiki Principles


When being attuned to reiki, you will be introduced to five reiki principles to guide your energy practices:


Just for today, do not anger.


Just for today, do not worry.


Just for today, be grateful.


Just for today, work honestly.


Just for today, be kind to yourself and others.


How has your understanding of these principles grown?


Here are a few journal prompts that help expound and reflect on the themes behind these principles and really integrate them into your personal journey and healing. I would advice to invoke reiki before, during and after the journaling practice to energetically guide this writing to a better state.


01 When was the last time I was livid angry ? What boundaries and personal virtues were crossed? Did I learn from my anger ? Understanding your anger makes it easier for you to let go of it.


02 Ask forgiveness from people you can’t reach or speak to right now. Both to those you can’t forgive yet and those you can. Consciously feel the weight lift from those words.  


03 Viscerally forgive people you can’t reach or speak to right now. Release subconscious anger consciously with reiki.


04 Write your top 3 worries on a page and answer each of them from a state of Reiki and Love. Make sure to outweigh/ practice longer responses to anxious thoughts.


05 Make a list of the best moments in your life and thank the people that helped you make it happen. Bask in the state of gratitude, ingrain the memory as strongly as you can into your body.


06 Make a list of the best moments in your life and see the ‘random’ or ‘unforced’ circumstances that helped that happen. Thank and be steeped in what ‘luck, may it be that the sun shined that day or that a stranger met you. Recall that, thank that.


07 Why and for whom do you do your work ? See the interconnectedness of all things and remind yourself or your part in a greater work. You will feel more free and sincere in your work.


08 Write a love letter to your younger self, especially reviewing the lessons you’ve learned from your struggles and be grateful for how far you’ve gone.


09 Write what you would do for your ideal lover, make it as detailed and as excessive as you imagine it to would be. Then love yourself in exactly that manner. Because if you can imagine doing it for others, why not love yourself in the same manner ?


10 List all the people involved in your life, especially in a daily basis, and consciously write all the things you like and admire about them. No matter how hard it is, no matter how shallow of a reason you can think of, just write it. Compliment and appreciate people in your journal and in your head before others.


Use the same prompts for several days, or make up your own. Closely examine how these principles have been lived out or experienced in your life, and develop a truly personal relationship and understanding of these reiki principles.


Self-reflection is a strong tool to make the most of life experience, which in the end, is life’s greatest teacher.


‘Til next time,


your soul is welcome here

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